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Sydney Coastal Walk: Bondi to Coogee

Rusty and I had been hearing since we got here about how beautiful Bondi Beach is and how we just had to get up there.  So, on Sunday morning, we walked through the suburbs up to Bondi to see what it was all about. Bondi, undoubtedly, is gorgeous. Even in the dead of winter (hard … Continue reading

American Cell Phones in Australia

So, like I said in my last post about trying to be human during our first weeks, one of our first tasks was turning our phones on. Rusty and I are admitted smartphone addicts.  Guilty as charged.  We try not to be that couple that doesn’t talk at restaurants because we’re playing on our phones, … Continue reading

Our First Weeks

Our first week in Sydney was spent attempting to be human.  Jet lag, my friends, is not pleasant.  We had minimal goals set for each day. Day 1:  Sleep.  Find food. Day 2:  Same. Day 3:  Sleep.  Find food.  Turn on phones. Day 4:  Sleep.  Find food.  Find school. Day 5:  Sleep.  Find food.  Find … Continue reading

Our Current ‘Hood

Our guesthouse, above, is adorable.  It was a private hospital many, many years ago.  After that it was a convent, and now it’s a non-profit guesthouse run by a local church.  Officially, it’s called The Educational Centre for Christian Spirituality, but it’s more commonly called The Centre.  Most of the people staying at the guesthouse … Continue reading

Getting to Sydney, Step 57B: We’re Here!

Oh, hey!  We’re finally in Sydney!  It took us seventeen long days to get here from Baltimore, but it was all worth it.  Sydney is wonderful! We arrived at the Sydney airport early on the morning of August 1st after a fourteen-hour, fifty-minute flight from Los Angeles, which was preceded by a short hop from … Continue reading



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