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Our New Neighborhood: Centennial Park

We moved!  Finally, we found an apartment!  We totally lucked out, too.  Rusty found a couple on (the Australian equivalent of who was in the process of moving to the States and needed someone to take over their lease and buy their furniture.  We checked out the place and loved it!  It ended up being the perfect situation for all parties involved–we took over their lease, bought all their stuff, and moved in a week later.  (Note:  We barely moved anything here from the States.  We both took two suitcases of clothes on the plane, and we shipped our bikes and some kitchen stuff.  I’ll write a post about this soon!)

I’d really love to show you some pictures of the interior of the apartment, but it’s currently still a just-moved-in mess.  We’re planning on cleaning everything up tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll have some pictures to show you soon!

In the meantime, I will tell you about Centennial Park.

Centennial Park is a large park in the Eastern Suburbs area of Sydney.  It has a couple of roads that run through it, and it has a great networks of trails. Rusty and I are both avid runners, and when we were looking for an apartment, proximity to the park was a very important factor. Fortunately, our new place is just a couple kilometers from the park.

Centennial Park’s main drag is Grand Drive, which goes in a circle through the park.  All traffic moves in one direction (clockwise,) and there is an outer bike lane.

Grand Drive is actually a set of five concentric circles.  There’s the outer bike lane, then the car lane, and then there’s a paved running path and two unpaved horse trails (which many people also use for running.)

The parklands in between the roads are a mix of forest and open fields, with the occasional garden thrown in. Most of the fields are available for picnic or leisure space, but there are also fields specifically dedicated to cricket and rugby.

Most importantly, there are a few ponds in the park (you can see them in the above map,) which are full of things! We love things that live in ponds!

Here is your daily dose of Rusty looking at things in water:

The pond in the park called Duck Pond is aptly named.  It is, indeed, full of ducks.  It’s full of a lot of other birds, too!

The birds were not all coming for us, although it may look that way–there was a little girl behind us with a loaf of bread.

In other bird news, we also followed around a flock of black cockatoos, a flock of white cockatoos, and a pair of these cutie-pies, below.

Can you see it?  It’s a rainbow lorikeet!  I love these guys.  They’re so colorful, and they have a cute tweet.  They also always travel in pairs, and they constantly call to each other, which is kind of adorable.

I can’t wait to tell you more about our neighborhood!


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Rusty and Ali are a couple of nerds who moved to Australia to go on adventures. Oh, and work. :)



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