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Our New Digs

I finally took some pictures of our new place! It took a long time for us to get past the just-moved-in-distaster-mess phase. It’s still a little bit of a mess, but I’ll show you anyway!

I love our front door. It has fancy old-fashioned glass, fancy old-fashioned locks, and a fancy old-fashioned bell. (From the other side, there’s a little handle you can turn, and it makes a sound like a bicycle bell!)

We have a wee little kitchen. You’d think a kitchen this size would be just way too small for two people who love to cook and make all our meals at home nearly every day, but there really is sufficient counter space and cupboard space. We just can’t cook together–it’s only big enough for one person!

The best part of the kitchen is our dishwasher drawer. It’s the perfect size for two people, and it’s much more energy efficient than a full size dishwasher. Plus, it saves space.

Yes…our refrigerator is in the living room, technically. The living room is much bigger than the kitchen!

Speaking of the living room, here she is. All of the furniture came with the place, but it’s quite comfortable–it serves us well! That’s a chalk board mounted the wall behind the sofa. Cool, huh?

All of the ceilings in the apartment are fancy. This is our fancy living room ceiling.

Our master bedroom. We know the fabrics and furniture probably don’t all match very well, but–in true Rusty and Ali fashion–we just bought what was on special at IKEA. It has a quirky charm, I think.

By far, the best part of the master bedroom is our closet. We’re not sure that true closets–at least the American concept of closets–exist in Australia. Certainly none of the apartments we looked at had any. It’s a strange concept, being that in many American jurisdictions a room MUST have a closet in order to be listed as a bedroom at all. Anyway, many Australian master bedrooms have what you see above; a wall of built in drawers, cubbies, and rods for hangers. Ours is covered with three mirrored sliding panels. LOVE IT.

While most of our apartment is wee, it appears that it was in fact built for giants…at least in the vertical sense. Note that the doorknob is above my shoulder in the above picture. Yes, those ceilings are about 11 feet tall. Our apartment echoes!

If you thought our kitchen was small, our bathroom is even smaller! Yes, that’s a shower stall, stacked washer and dryer, and toilet, all against one wall. Same 11-foot ceilings, though.

This is our second bedroom. We have grand plans for this room to be our guest room. My mom is coming to visit next June (hi, Mom!), and some good friends are coming to visit in December. Currently, however, it is currently home to the above dresser (left by the previous owners,) a pile of athletic gear, my yoga mat, and my two beautiful orchids, Mirabelle and Sarah Jo, pictured below.

Yes, I name my orchids. It makes their feeding schedules, which I organize in separate Google calendars, easier to manage. I like to be organized! Yes, I know this is border-line crazy, but I like taking good care of my babies! Mirabelle, the purple one, was a birthday gift from Rusty, and Sarah Jo, the white one, was a birthday gift from Rusty’s parents.

The extra bedroom is also the future home to at least three, but probably up to six, bicycles. More on that later!


About theacademicsabroad

Rusty and Ali are a couple of nerds who moved to Australia to go on adventures. Oh, and work. :)


One thought on “Our New Digs

  1. Sarah Jo is beautiful. She looks just like her sister — the one that Angie and Corey gave me for Mother’s Day last year.

    Posted by Becky Nicovich | September 15, 2012, 4:37 pm

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