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New Zealand: Day 1: Christchurch to Oamaru

Rusty and I flew out of Sydney without a hitch. Checking in was slightly complicated because we were flying out of a country from which we are not passport holders and flying to another country from which we are not passport holders, but we figured it out in the end. Always leave extra time for … Continue reading

Holiday Vacation, Days 10-13

On January 1st, it was time for Rusty, Jessica, and I to head back to Sydney. We loved every moment of our southern adventure, but we were all ready to get back to some normalcy, I think. We piled into our little rental car and drove to the Port Lincoln Airport to drop off the … Continue reading

Holiday Vacation, Day 9

I woke up early on December 31, the day after our shark diving trip, and quietly slipped on my running clothes–an old race shirt from a past marathon, a pair of short black shorts, and my flashy new running shoes. I grabbed a hat, phone, and water bottle and snuck out of our room in … Continue reading

Holiday Vacation, Day 8

Ah, yes, where were we? SHARK DIVING! YES! On Day 8, we woke up bright and early to go shark diving with Calypso Tours. Calypso arranged for us to be picked up at our hostel, which was FANTASTIC, since it was so early! We boarded the boat around 6:30 AM. On the boat, we had … Continue reading

Holiday Vacation, Days 6-7

Ah, yes, where did I leave off? Right, we had just finished with the Penguin Parade! The morning of the 28th, we headed down to Flinders Station to catch our bus for our wine tour of the Yarra Valley. Wine tour! Yay! I’m not sure that Rusty and Jessica were quite as excited about this … Continue reading

Holiday Vacation, Days 4-5

On December 26th, Jessica, Rusty, and I headed to Melbourne. We were supposed to fly out in the afternoon and get to Melbourne in the early evening. We really wanted to have time that night to explore the city a bit, but our flight got delayed, which was kind of a bummer at first. We … Continue reading

Holiday Vacation, Days 1-3

Well, hello there! Now that it’s the end of January, I suppose I should get started on telling you about our summer holidays! Ha! I’m so far behind on correspondence generally (electronic mail, snail mail, social media, and blog posts), but I’m trying to get caught up. Anyway, our summer holidays were amazing! Our good … Continue reading

Our Wedding

I want to tell you all about our awesome winter vacation, during which we traveled far and saw amazing things, but, first, let me tell you about our wedding. Rusty and I have been engaged for nearly a year. We didn’t plan on having such a long engagement, but moving to Australia put a bit … Continue reading

How to speak Australian in the workplace (for novices)

Working in an Australian office has been a learning experience, for sure. While there is no true language barrier, as we all speak English here, there are still some words and phrases that I had to learn to say and not to say. Here’s a helpful guide for the likewise uninitiated. Coffee Coffee, I’m fairly … Continue reading

Bird Noise

I’ve mentioned a few times that the birds here in Australia are quite loud. It’s very difficult to explain the cacophony to someone who is not here, so I recorded a video a couple weekends ago while we were in Bateau Bay. I recorded this video at dusk while we were eating dinner in our … Continue reading


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